Besides advertising I always loved films. When I lived in Sweden I was part of the independent film group Cut Short Films, where we aspired to excel at filmmaking. We gave each other film project assignments with deadlines, all while having regular jobs. We each helped fill out all the needed crew positions on each other films.

Doing my time in the group my filmmaking skill improved and that enabled me to take on editing jobs for the brands I worked for. I did editing for brands such as Dell, Paramount Network and Dahl Sverige.

The short film above was the last assignment I made for the film group before leaving Sweden and thereby the group. I both wrote, directed, filmed and edited it. If you want a deeper look at my skills within filmmaking, take a look at my Youtube channel here.

In this project, I spend a good deal of time on both color grading as well as the compositing of each scene. Above you can compare the difference between the original footage and the end project.